18th October 2016


Ross Fisher


Ross is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Lead for Surgical Oncology and Trauma at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. He is widely recognised for passionately driving the medical crowd towards more efficient presentation techniques for years. He has developed the “p cubed” approach to conceptualise different components that need to be addressed when planning and doing a presentation:


Ross, as you might expect, is an accomplished speaker himself. A superb example is his moving talk, “Things that scare me” from smaccDUB, below:

Also, check out his TEDx Stuttgart talk about inspiration.

Ross is very active on Twitter where you may also find presentation related material under the hashtag #htdap (How To Do A Presentation).

Make sure to spend time on Ross’ magnificent website for much more content on presentations.


the scanFOAM team


Sandra Viggers, MD, is a co-founder of scanFOAM. She has an extensive background in resuscitative medicine and education. She has worked and researched for years at the Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation. She chaired the Student’s Society for Anesthesiology and Traumatology  for 7 years and initiated many projects including a ground breaking international summer school in emergency medicine. She is a proud #FFF (fabulous female of FOAM) and has spoken at SMACC in Dublin and dasSMACC in Berlin. Check her Dublin talk at scanFOAM. Follow her on twitter.

Mads Astvad is a long time #FOAMed proponent and co-founder of the scanFOAM project. When not applying geek solutions to FOAM projects he works as a paediatric anaesthetist/intensivist at the university hospital in Odense, Denmark. Follow him on twitter.

Camilla Birgitte Sørensen, MD currently works on her PhD in Tourette’s. She is particularly passionate about paediatrics, emergency medicine and education. Find her on twitter at @camillabirgitte.

Julie Derringer is new to our team, but quite the veteran when it comes to running educational courses. She is on the board of directors for the teaching course. Her day time job is as travelling registered nurse in the US. Follow her on twitter.