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Most people in medicine teach or lecture, yet presentation skills have traditionally seen little focus during training. This is probably your best chance to hone those skills this neck of the woods in a long while. No more death by powerpoint! We’re thrilled to have none other than presentation master Ross Fisher at the helm for a full day of interactive sessions. We’re also happy to announce that professional actor Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen will lead a workshop on delivery focusing on voice, posture and presence. Lots of interactivity and feedback guaranteed.

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Ross Fisher is at the sine qua non of this whole day masterclass. He has developed and refined the concept of p cubed for presentations (story x supporting media x presentation) and has talked at TEDx and SMACC so not only does he talk the talk, he’s walked the walk as well so to speak. Ross is very passionate about improving medical presentation and in addition to continued online efforts at his website he’s done numerous workshops getting into the nitty gritty with learners of the craft. You’re in for a treat. Read more about him and the rest of the faculty and team making this course possible.

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SOHO in the urban and vibrant meat packing distric of inner Copenhagen is about as hip(ster) as you can get. The inspiring and intriguing surroundings will perfectly fuel your mental creativity. A delicious and luxurious breakfast and lunch made from organic ingredients will be served in the cosy yet stylish cafe and we’ll keep you hydrated all day with all the water, coffee and tea you need. SOHO is perfectly situated 5 mins walk from the main hub for travellers to Copenhagen, the main rail station and the area offers plenty of accomodation, dining options and night life.

About scanFOAM

Scandinavian #FOAMed

scanFOAM.org is an initiative to further medical education in Scandinavia and beyond with a specific goal of promoting open access content from our region. We believe delivery of select educational content should be digitized and made available to the larger community to the benefit of providers and ultimately our patients. This is part of the global #FOAMed movement that is a mash up of content and conversation carried forward by an altruistic ethos. Delivery of content online is somewhat different and has other demands than speaking offline and our project hopes to improve on these aspects as we go along. A course on presentation skills is a logical step for us to support for both offline and online delivery. See the scanFOAM site for more content, connect on social media and join the conversation!

Team behind the masterclass

Ross Fisher

Presentation master and originator of the “p cubed” concept.
Father, singer, laugher, learner, sharer, blogger, thinker. Also, when he’s not out and about moonlights as Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Sheffields.

Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen

Professional actor and soon to be MD.
Ulrik got hooked on the stage during medical school and decided to apply to the 4 year actor’s training programme at Aarhus Theatre graduating in 2014. He’s worked professionally as an actor since. He is now gone back to finish med school and is about to graduate.

Sandra Viggers

Educationalista and resus geek. Sails under the scanFOAM flag.
Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation. The teaching institute. Prefers to sim with sharks (sim, not swim).

Mads Astvad

Educating the masses via scanFOAM.
Peddler of open access education and deliverer of gas and critical care to kids.